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Staging Your Home to Sell

Staging your home to sell is essential for buyer interest in the competitive South Bay market. Using a professional staging company will prepare your home to be the most inviting and up-to-date in style to attract offers.

As a result of staging, the real estate market in the South Bay is witnessing the emotional aspect for buyers which is translating into homes selling at higher prices. “We recently took over a listing that had sat on the market for six months, so we had it professionally staged and it sold immediately,” shares realtor Lynn Kim of The Lynnk Group.

Following a few simple steps listed below, along with using a professional staging team will help attract buyers, reduce time on the market, and result in a higher selling price due to the emotional impact staging can have. While the location, price or style may get the buyer in the door, being beautifully staged can help close the deal.

The focus is to let each space express its individual function, be clearly defined, and feel cozy and tidy. Below, Lynn shares tips on how to prepare your home to sell, and what a staging company can do to help your home sell for top dollar.

1. Declutter: Put away paperwork, recycle the magazines, and declutter all surfaces. Neatly store items, like kids toys, that continually creep their way into the space.

2. Depersonalize: Remove family photos to allow potential buyers the ability to visualize themselves actually living in the space.

3. Organized storage: Storage is a big component when selling a home, so streamline your closets, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and pantry. Purchase pretty baskets, shelf dividers, or jewelry display cases to make your closets look like a boutique hotel.

4. Hire a professional staging company to stage your home: This is especially important if your furniture or style is outdated or damaged, or if you are selling an unfurnished property. Staging companies can do as much or as little is necessary from simply updating the artwork, rugs, and accessories, to complete removal and replacement of existing furniture. A knowledgeable realtor like Lynn Kim will have great staging contacts to bring out the best in your home.

Staging is a proven, tried and true way to create relevant, life-filled spaces to maximize the selling potential of your home.

For more information about staging, please call The Lynnk Group at 310-741-2642.

Before Staging

After Staging