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Why is pricing your home correctly so critical?

Pricing your home right is a crucial part of the marketing strategy for selling your home. Equally as important, is getting the price right the moment you put your home on the market. An active buyer will be savvy to pricing in the current marketplace, and as studies have shown, the first two to four weeks a home is on the market are considered the peak selling period.

While pricing strategy is a bit of an art that comes best by experience, there are some tips that can help you to formulate a reasonable target price. The first step is to compare your home to other similar homes that have recently sold in your neighborhood. Then, consider what characteristics set your home apart from others in the current marketplace like location, ocean views, recent remodels or renovations, or upgraded components. Next, be careful to not overprice or underprice. An unrealistic price can get your home overlooked, and an underpriced home could leave a lot of hard earned money on the table.

Using some of these general ideas will help you achieve a realistic price to start with, as well as manage your expectations before you discuss your target price with your realtor. Finding an experienced realtor like Lynn Kim can help you get top dollar for your home and fast. Only licensed realtors like Mrs. Kim have access to all of the MLS listings in your area for finding the best comps to determine an accurate price for your property. The discerning agent can also share experienced insight on current buying trends to aid in price strategy, as well as share wisdom on interest rates and financial trends in lending.

Lynn Kim Real Estate has a proved track record with a list-price to sell-price average over 100%. Mrs. Kim and her team get sellers more money by their perfect pricing strategy. “We price correctly so that your home looks the best in its price range. In the end, people will pay more for a home when its competition doesn’t offer as much,” share Mrs. Kim.

Highlighting the important selling features of a property against the right comparable homes help determine the perfect price, so the seller ends up making the most amount of money. Ultimately, pricing your home correctly and working with an experienced realtor like Lynn Kim Real Estate will pay off and get your home sold quickly in an aggressive marketplace.